I love summer! #summer2018

PS: It’s my first Estonian blog post in 2 months:D… oops! But let’s start with a post! I thought that I haven’t written like so long in Estonian and I remembered that

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AHS is best series!

So I haven’t written a blog post for 4 days… well I’ve been reading a book, watching a series and I hadn’t any blog post idea, until today I thinked that I’ve seen all seasons of

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Kellele ma blogin??/To whom I’m blogging??

Ma mäletan kui ma sain teada EBA tulemused ja ma rääkisin sellest ka oma isale, kes ütles, et ära pane seda tähele, sest kirjutad ainult endale. Ma loomulikult vastasin talle niimodi:

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Hi! I made myself a Vsco profile, because I taught that I’ll use it like an Instagram, but I’ll post different pics to an Vsco profile than Instagram so if you wanna follow me then my username is @theproudking or CLICK HERE, if you click on that link you’ll know what I mean:)



I love podcasts❤️

Hi everyone! I have found like so cool podcasts and I thought that I should share them with you too because I started to fall in love with podcasts(L). So in this post,  I’m talking to you what does podcast even mean, how you can search different podcasts and which podcasts I like…

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I watched a so cool movie!

It’s ”NERVE” and omg this movie is so cool! I think that everyone has seen this movie so I don’t write anything about the movie itself… but if you aren’t watched it, then I recommend to watch it!

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