Hi! I think everyone are sometimes sad… and I know what helps when you’re feeling that way! The answer is MUSIC!. I started search cool songs which makes me happy, like if this song has a good beat or good lyrics then I  definitely love it!



My own top 5 books which I wanna read…

Hi! I wrote a blog post about my 5 books which I have read and now I wanna write a post about my top 5 books which I haven’t read/ haven’t read the books to the end  :D. So I selected 5 books that I think I would like to read:).

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Photos I’ve taken lately/Have taken of me…

I’ve taken like so many pics in 2 days because I enjoy it and it’s cool like I said how to pose and all that and these pics are succeeded so I thought I would like to share them with you guys!. I edited some pics too and I love how they changed(in a good way)

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Please don’t spam to me!

Hi! I remember I wrote this post a long time ago, but then it was protected By password, but now I think that this post shouldn’t be under a password… so I set this post to public 😉

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Kellele ma blogin??/To whom I’m blogging??

Ma mäletan kui ma sain teada EBA tulemused ja ma rääkisin sellest ka oma isale, kes ütles, et ära pane seda tähele, sest kirjutad ainult endale. Ma loomulikult vastasin talle niimodi:

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