Things I’ve learned in 17 years…

  1. What someone is thinking of you shouldn’t influence you.
  2. Always listen to your family members♥!
  3. If you have a this kind of feeling, like you’re drowning, then take a deep breathe and think which thing is most important then do it!
  4. Be thankful for everything you have.
  5. Never give up!
  6. Don’t trust everone.
  7. Forgive to others! Then you’ll find peace…
  8.  Take care of yourself.
  9. If you really want something, then work hard and you’ll get it!
  10. inner peace is important.
  11. Love yourself.
  12. Everyone is making mistakes! Don’t judge!
  13. Do what ever you wanna do! Don’t think what others may think of you!
  14. Live in a moment.
  15. You have to enjoy life!
  16. You can’t be perfect in everything…
  17. Educate yourself!



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