Hi! I think everyone are sometimes sad… and I know what helps when you’re feeling that way! The answer is MUSIC!. I started search cool songs which makes me happy, like if this song has a good beat or good lyrics then I  definitely love it!

1. Better When I’m Dancin’- Meghan Trainor-

Just when I listen to this song I just wanna dance and I feel so happy:). It’s like so positive song to me! Like Meghan can write songs which makes you feel happy!

2. Can’t Stop The Feeling-Justin Timberlake-

The same thing…. like I like this song so much! I love listen to it! I like the video tho:).

3. No Broken Hearts- Bebe Rexha & Nicki Minaj-

I like the lyrics and this beat:). I remember I listened to it so often like in 2016 summer. And it’s right ”We only got one life” so we have to live happily and just enjoy life!

4. The Life- Fifth Harmony-

I just love Camila’s voice in this song( she sings the chorus). And I love this whole song! Like I’ve listened to this song so much and I’m not even tired of this song:D

5. Fight Song- Rachel Platten-

I can’t even describe how much this song means to me! I’ve got so many  positive vibes of this song! It like helped me when I was sad or something. I just love the message of this song and ughh I just love it so much! The lyrics are so meaningful in this song…

6. Roar- Katy Perry-

I love the lyrics of this song! Like wow,  those are like ******* cool lyrics! I love this song(L)

7. 2002- Anne-Marie-

Like this is so good song! It just makes you feel good…

8. Paradise- Coldplay-

It’s like an old song, but I don’t care! it’s still a  good song!♥♥

9. Kill Em With Kindness-  Selena Gomez-

Like do I even have to explain it to you?? Like these words and omg the beat,  I ****** LOVE THIS SONG AND THIS SONG HAS SO GOOD MEANING!!

10. Malibu- Miley Cyrus-

Like when you’re listening to it you already feel happiness inside you! I think it’s so positive song!! Omg,  this ”country vibe”♥. I listened to it like 1000 times last summer!! I love it! I even wrote a blog post about this song :D. I love the video too♥

11. Sun Is Shining- Axwell Λ Ingrosso-

Omg,  this is like perfect summer song! I remember that I listened in 2015 summer and I still love this song! Omg,  these lyrics tho♥.  LOVE, LOVE & lOVE!!!

12. Repercussions- Bea Miller-

I remember when I listened to music on Spotify and then this song was accidentally  next, then I listened to it and when it started I already loved it! 😀 It’s a  cool song!

13. Cheap Trhills- Barden Bellas-

I think now that this version is better than Sia’s :D. I’m just impressed how good they’re… this song is just so good and omg their voices!!♥♥♥. I’m happy that I watched ”Pitch Perfect 3” because I found this song!!

14. Lucky Ones- Kerli-

I JUST LOVE THE WHOLE SONG! THE BEAT AND LYRICS! Like omg this song, is so good!! Kerli’s new music is dope too♥♥

15. Back To You-  Selena Gomez-

I wrote a blog post about this song:D. I love it! I love the guitar part in this song and just the chorus part is so good! Selena is so good singer!



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