My own top 5 books which I wanna read…

Hi! I wrote a blog post about my 5 books which I have read and now I wanna write a post about my top 5 books which I haven’t read/ haven’t read the books to the end  :D. So I selected 5 books that I think I would like to read:).

  1. Half Bad-


If I’m honest I’m already reading it, but I made this list like long time ago, but I hadn’t write a blog post about this ”part 2” but now I do:). So I love this book! I’m already read like half of this book♥. If you wanna know this book’s plot then read it here

EDIT: In this book is involved ”Half Lie” which is Sally Green’s next novel:)

2. Snow White Must Die-


I bought it, because I knew that this book’s genre is ” Crime novel” and it sounded so interesting, now I think it’s time read this book:). I read the introduction and it’s really so interesting book!. Read plot here.

3. Runemarks-


I’ve read this book before but never to the end… because lack of time :D(I was in school then…) now I think I should read this book after I finished ”Half Bad” book:). I loved the plot tho:D. Read it here:)

4. Vanga: pime selgeltnägija-


Vanga is a  famous blind psyhic. I remember when I bought this book, then I was so excited because I’ve heard that she even predicted some things which will happen in nowdays and all things she predicted were true and I’ll get to know her a little better :)… this book is talking about how she lived and give advices and all that cool stuff:)

5. Cursed Child-


Btw I read ” Prisoner of Azkaban” and i just loved this book! I even watched this movie and omfg this was so different than book:D. I started to read ”Deathly  Hallows but then I realized I can’t do it, I have to read these books like in order! Now I think I’ll buy some new HP books:)











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