New shoes

Hello, my blog readers!

A day before I supposed to come to Finland me, my mom, V, and E. went to the city and we went to the different stores and one of them was

”Weekend-the shoe shop” and I got like 2 pairs of new shoes and omg it was so hard to pick the right shoes! Because I found so many good shoes… but finally I found like my 2 most favorite shoes:

  1. is this kind of Nike’s pair:


Like omg those Nike shoes are actually running shoes but I use them just normally because they’re so comfortable! And so good like all that material is so good too! That kind of Nike shoes paid 61,87€ but it’s totally worth it! It’s not even an expensive… so yeah I just love my new Nike shoes! I love the color and the fact that those shoes are air permeable…

2. shoes are mostly for free time: ”DC free time shoes Trase”


Those shoes are super comfortable and I love to wear them mostly on my free time and they’re looking so cool! I like that DC logo too. I can wear those like all time and they don’t get dirty! Like really I wore them like a whole day(when I came to Finland) and they were clean:D. Those little loves paid 53,59€

So now all those shoes paid in total like 115,46€ and I think that it’s okay, because those two shoes were ALE, like it was a good choice! And I’m happy about it:). And I  recommend buying your shoes in ‘Weekend shoes e-shop” (This site have only Estonian or Russian language) and in this site, you can search like all kind of shoes and it’s cool, but you can visit their shops too in Estonia if you don’t understand the language of this site…

You should go follow Weekend shop’s facebook page too then you’ll get to know when something is in ale or something useful information:)

I like Weekend shoes shop and I will give a promotion for free! 🙂

I love all of you! :*- THEPROUDKING


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