Talkin’ about High School

Hello! Today’s morning was so stressful for me! I had to go to one High School, because of school papers so as the certificate and some school bus paper too.

When we were at school, the door was locked and I called the principal, he was on vacation. We waited for him like an hour, but luckily he came to the school, because of me. God, I was so nervous that I didn’t want to eat anything at the city :S.

EDIT: Now I’m at home and everything is alright! I stressed it all for nothing!

When he arrived we went to his cabinet I gave him my papers and I got back like 5 more:D. I got a schedule, timetable and so much more papers… in Finland, you have to buy books by yourself and you study like 6 weeks straight with one schedule then you’ll get a new one. And after like every 6 weeks you have an ”exam week”  in every day you have one exam and you have to read a whole book because of that exam, then you’ll buy new books…

So here I explained how things work in Finland… I think that if you buy books it’s a little bit useless but  I don’t know. Better is when the school gives you the books:D                                    PS: In a new post, I’ll talk about my new shoes! Which I got and I read somewhere that people like to read about some product, so I’ll talk about shoes and was it worth to pay like 120€ for 2 shoes, We’ll see! But I don’t know when I’ll write this post or publish… I have to think about it…



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