Hello Finland!

I woke up at 5 AM, I was just so tired and I wanted to sleep more but I couldn’t because today is that day when I’m going to Finland. At morning I drank a smoothie and ate yogurt. When I was in a car then I fell asleep…
I wake up when we arrived at the Tallinn we had so much free time, that we decided to go ”Ülemiste Centre” I was there last time like 4 years ago…
and everything was different! It was cool!

An example at first we went to the ‘‘Blender- Juice and Coffee bar” You can buy at there smoothies, juices and if you love books then you can read some books there! It’s like a perfect place for people like me!. And this place was so cool and cozy:)
My mom ordered a cappuccino and I ordered ” WAKE ME UP BEFORE YOU GO” smoothie, it was so good and so delicious!


ingredients were: blueberry, banana, apple, oatmeal, almond milk, and cinnamon.

Then we went to so many shops like ”H&M”, ”Apollo”, ”JYSK”, and ”Sportland”. In ”Sportland” I got a new school bag, and it’s so cool


We were at ”Ülemiste Centre” like 2h 30 min. I haven’t ever been like this before, always when we’re going to ship then we go straight to the harbor.
When we were at the ship then my first taught was like ”Omg this is so boring what I suppose to do like 3h, but then we went ate to the ”Swedish buffee” and in there you can eat as much as you want… I liked that food example Caesar salad, meatballs, and desserts were so sweet, for example, a chocolate cream, and some cakes! But I didn’t like one thing… We only were there like 1h 30min and then we had to go away… in Tallink ship, you can be there as long as you want.
When we finished eating we went to the few shops just to watch stuff I got too tired of that and I slept in a pub or something that…
I wake up when the ship was in Helsinki, as soon I was in the car I slept again:D. I listened to the music and watched one YouTuber’s video where she unboxed Macbook pro and when I watched that I realized that Macbook isn’t really good becau1se in Macbook you don’t have USB hole, because there were only 3 holes and if you wanna put your phone charger to the laptop then you have to buy special thing for that… but mostly this trip I slept:D
We were home like 19.30 or 20.00 and I unpacked my suitcase and just chilled and watched ”The Simpsons”:D and I realized that Estonia was cool but home is better!
I have my brother’s old laptop ASUS Vivobook(touch sensitive) and it’s okay but the battery is a little bit bad and one time it almost came off on the laptop:D. I only have to buy a new battery and then everything is okay! I like to write with this laptop it’s so comfortable and on this laptop, I have Powerpoint, Word and Office 360
ASUS Vivobook costs now 500€
I went to sleep at 2 AM:D

additional information is here: https://www.asus.com/Laptops/ASUS-VivoBook-14-X442UN/



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