Midsummer 2018

ATTENTION!: I wanted to put here some videos of Kerli and Tungevaag&Raaban but I can’t, because I don’t have ”Worldpress Premium” I’m sorry! I just really wanted to that… :(( but atleast you got pictures:D

So as you all know that I said something about 22.06-23.06.18. I meant ”Pühajärve Jaanituli”. I wrote a post about it too.

So yesterday was so special day for me! But first I tell you guys what happened yesterday… At first, we went to the M’s relatives place and I was surprised that everything was great! I got to know so cool ppl. It was fun! When o’clock was 21.30 PM we went to the ”Pühajärve jaanituli” I only bought 2-days ticket because of KERLI!!It cost like 40-43€ but I doesn’t matter because I had a chance to see her!!

I was so excited about her live performance :O. When I and my mom were at Pühajärve I was so excited and I couldn’t wait to see her. We were so lucky because we were so close to the stage. When KERLI started singing I was so excited to see her like live and omg her show was amazing!!! She sang my favorite songs and I sang along!! I’ve been Kerli’s fan since I was 7 or 8-years old:D. When she finished singing I put a photo of her to Instagram and I wrote a caption like this << It was an amazing performance! You’re so good singer @kerlimusic ♥♥♥. It was the best day of my life!. You’re so amazing singer and you have a good personality! I’m so thankful to you♥♥♥>>

OMG I’m just so happy!! OMG I LOVE HER!




And I filmed like every performance! I just can’t describe how happy I was and how thankful I’m to my mom too because she came with me to ”Pühajärve jaanituli” I liked that:D. Even my mom told o me that 35€ isn’t expensive and she doesn’t regret that she spent that money…

But yeah I was so happy about Kerli’s performance! She didn’t disappoint me!! Agghhh I just love her so much! She’s so positive and omg…
I watched today all the videos I took and I just love those songs!! And I’m so thankful to Kerli and my mom, when I watch these videos I feel like so much positivity(L)


When Kerli finished her performance some Estonian rock band was next and I already knew that I don’t know any of those songs expect ONE song:D. So the whole performance I just stayed still, but the show was great! But I didn’t like songs so much…
But when Tungevaag&Raaban started to come to the stage me and my mom were again at so close to the stage and I just loved that music and we all just jumped and we enjoyed it… it was cool!


Now I thought that I’ll put all live performances to the succession
1.(the best live performance)- KERLI(L)
2.- Tungevaag&Raaban
3. – Terminaator

And all this event was really cool and I only went there because of Kerli:D but yeah it was so cool but only some ppl were a jerk or something but it’s doesn’t matter! I enjoyed it and so did my mom:)
It was literally the best day of my life!!

And it was good that outside didn’t rain….



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