I went to the ”Elistvere Animal Park”

Hi everyone! Today I didn’t do anything special, I just chilled and watched youtube videos and I watched Lady Gaga’s documentary ‘‘Five Foot Two” and I liked to watch that. I started to

follow Lady Gaga on Instagram too and I noticed that 10 years ago she released her debut single ”Just Dance” when M. and R. came home from work then we thought that we could go to ”Elistvere Animal Park” it sounded like a very good plan and I have never gone to any kind of Animal Park so I don’t know where that place is located,  I only have gone to the zoo.                                                                                                   When we were at the spot M. bought the tickets 3 ppl cost 6€ so It’s like on person cost 2€ it’s not expensive:). We saw so many animals example squirrels, lynx, elk and so much more animals I took pictures too and I’ll add all cool pics down below:).

Anna otsikko


Hiljem läksime ka järve vaatama ja tegin siukese klõpsu:)

I really liked to see all animals and this place was really cool if you wanna go there then HERE you find their net page and you will get much more information about ”Elistvere Animal Park” 🙂
When we came back to their place(R.’s and M’s) I listened to all five Lady Gaga’s albums and I just love her songs so much!! She is so brave and she doesn’t care what others think and she’s confident.

It’s 00:05 right now so goodnight everyone!!! Sweet dreams to everyone!!

tired good night GIF



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