You all should check out ”Grammarly”

So as you all know I’m not speaking English fluently and I found this app called ”Grammarly” and it’s totally

FREE!!! like you don’t have to pay for it when you don’t want to. And this app improves all mistakes you do or replace one word so your text seems okay… I use it right now as I’m writing a blog post and I really like this app and it’s really useful! You can use it at work, school or just when you write something special to someone you can be sure that everything you wrote is good.
And while I’m writing this blog post in ”Grammarly” app it’s improving my mistakes and I noticed what I wrote wrong… so it’s a good app!
I really enjoy writing with it… so if you wanna be like a pro while writing in English you should download this app on your phone or computer. Go to this SITE and then make an account and feel free to write texts/posts with ”Grammarly”
I Download this cool app in Android HERE.
In Apple HERE
And if you want it to your computer then CLICK HERE.

I’m personally very happy that I found this app and it’s helping me so so much and I hope that some people which read my blog will at least try what kind of app it’s and maybe will use it regularly… because I know that I’ll!!
And I think this app is suitable for ppl who don’t know English grammar so much or just wants to know that they’ll write without mistakes…



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