My 10 most viewed blog posts in 2018

So I have written a similar blog post like this but this time I’ll write about my most viewed blog posts in 2018. So let’s start with this post:)

I made

that kind of blog post last year too except I wrote my ten less viewed blog posts and most viewed blog posts,  if you’re interested then go and check it out! CLICK HERE.

  1. Talkin about Azealia Banks/selling the soul to the devil/ and Illuminati part2:

I’m very surprised because of this blog post is most viewed, really!

2. Õhtuleht kirjutas mulle:

This blog post is really special to me because one magazine wrote to me, and wanted to do an interview with me. I’m so thankful for this experience…

3. Maailma parim rabarberi kook…/Niisama lobisen…/Paranormaalsed nähtused :O…:

I imagine that this one is extra long… but I just wrote about food, some stuff and some paranormal stuff:D which was really so scary!!

4. Poolvääriskividest :=):

I just love crystals and all that stuff,  I wrote about what crystals I have and I just love those crystals so much!!

5. Tahate teada mida?!:

OMGG! This post was my fuckin’ FIRST POST EVER!! Like wow! Omg,  when I read it then Idk what to think… #cringe :DD

6. My new favorite song:

I love this song so much!! Like,  I listen it so often and I just like that I did a blog post about this song… 🙂

I was like super sad when I wrote this blog post and it’s really emotional blog post…  but yeah #FIFTHHARMONYFOREVER!!
This blog post is like so important to me,  because I wrote it when I blogged like 1 year and I was so beginner I wish that I’m little better blogger now than then… and I love that I have even more comments, likes, views now than 1 year ago and I’m so blessed… btw some guy asked to me a LOAN! yes a fuckin’ LOAN I published that comment but omg  :DD
I wrote this blog post because I tinked how ppl promote themselves and I started to search for more information,  and I thought that this will help other bloggers as well so I wrote it…

10. My top 5 favorite Disney movies:

I just love Disney movies, so I thought that I should make a blog post where I list my most favorite movies from Disney:)



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