How to promote your blog by yourself for FREE??

Hi! I listened today Alexandra Stan’s newest song and I read that her promotion was bad because this video doesn’t have much views… but then someone said that it was actually good or something. Then I thinked that I would make a blogpost about promoting.  So I googled ”How I can promote my blog for free” and I found like so many sites… I pick like 10 tips and will write those here and maybe I’ll use those tips too:D

Comment on Other Blogs: I’ve done that but I haven’t noticed that this helped me:D or maybe it is…

  1. Post Frequently: This tip is really useful because it’ll help you to get more traffic in your blog! And if you aren’t blogging often then others will forget you!
  2. Use Social Media: Using a Social Media will help you. I use Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and Vent to promote my blogposts and somehow it’s working!! YAY:).
  3. Link Other Blogs in Your Own Posts: I’ve done that and then this blogger will found your blogpost/blog and maybe comment on this( that is happened to me :D)
  4. Write bettter content which is useful: I’ve thinked that too! Like it’s cool when you can help others!
  5. Make Q&A posts: Ok like Idk about that tip but then your readers can get more information about you… maybe…
  6. Share your content example in forums: I think it’s good idea but I peronally don’t know any forums but if you know then maybe it’ll help you:)
  7. Share your blogposts more than once: This is very good tip! I’ve shared my new blogpost in every Social Media which I have:).
  8. Don’t share always your headline: Like if you share some other stuff too then you’ll make people wanna read your blog! Example share pictures, quotes and other cool stuff.
  9. Use hashtags: I haven’t done that but maybe it’ll help too… Like everyone use hashtags:DD

I got this info in this website and this one too. You can find waay more tips in those sites but I hope that my post helped someone:) but if it didn’t then I think this post is useful and I’ll remember those tips..

Oh I almost forgot the importnant tip ever!! Thank your fans for sharing following you: This tip is so important or chat with your fans because they’re so awesome ppl!!

I love my blogreaders and everyone who follows me on Social Media! Like thank yu guys!! And thanks for commenting on my blog



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