My top 20 summer songs:

I just love music so mutch and I thinked that I should write a blogpost about summer hits:). So I listed my favorite songs which I love to listen in summer. I hope you’ll like this post! Btw this list is in random queue…

  1. Illenium & Kerli-Sound Of Walking Away: I’ve been always loving Kerli’s music and herself because she is so amazing human! I love the way she understands life and she give good tips to others example” When someone is mean to you then you remind to them something that they hate about theirself and just don’t think about them and let Karma deal with ’em” or ”What you think of me isn’t my problem it’s yours”. I love her songs so so mutch I didn’t like so mutch her first album but it’s ok. I love more her ”Utopia” album/EP and now I’m waiting for her third album!! Also Kerli is performing in ”Eesti Jaanituli 2018” and I’m so excited about that ;). But yeah Kerli is so amazing person and she one time responded me on Instagram! In that time I literally died!! I love Kerli’s songs and her person I love to watch her interviews(L). I love the way she sees world and she is always so positive and even when she has rought times she help others! Example she says ”You survived last time so why this time would be different?”  I would make a whooole blogpost about Kerli! 😀

2.Cardi B- Bodak Yellow: I just love this beat and it’s like such a good song:D Also Cardi’s album is LIT!! So plz go to to listen it!

3. Lost Frequencies&Zonderling- Crazy: I just love this song and it’s like an example what kind of one good summer hit could be

4. Miley Cyrus- Malibu: This song is like special to me because it remind me some cool memories(L). I love this video too! Miley’s vocals are just so good!!

5. Alvaro Soler- La Cintura: It’s just basic summer song:)

6. Selena Gomez-Fetish: Selena is so good singer!! I love her videos and music so so mutch!

7. Selena Gomez- Back To You: Selena’s voice is so good! And  I remember when I first heard it then I already loved this song because it’s just so good! And I like the video too(L) I made a blogpost too about this song… I’m talking more about this song in that blogpost if you wanna read it then click HERE

8. Fifth Harmony- Work From Home: I listened this song last summer too and it’s still good ”summer song” and this video has 1 BILLION views :O. I love all their voices(L)

9. Hailee Steinfeld, Grey- Starving ft Zedd: Hailee’s voice and Zedd’s beat are kinda in harmony or something that… I love the beat and Hailee’s voice:)

10. Julia Michaels- Issues: Julia is so talented because she wrote hit songs to Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Astrid S… and I love this song she has so good voice! Also I listened this song too last year so many times and I’m not tired of it xD. Her songs ”Heaven”, ”Uh Huh” and ”I Miss You” ft Clean Bandit are good too…

11. Kygo, Miguel- Remind Me To Forget: I just love Kygo’s music because all his best known songs are good, those vocals are so good in every song! I like this song! And beat is also good. Example I like Kygo’s other songs such as ”Stargazing”, ”It Ain’t Me”, ”First Time”

12. Bazzi- Mine: I’ve never heard this song in Finland but when I came to Estoia I heard this song in radio and I kinda liked it and I shazamed it and started to listening it and now I listen it like all the time :D. Because vocals and beat are good…

13. Alan Walker- All Falls Down (feat. Noah Cyrus with Digital Farm Animals): I love Noah’s voice and Alan Walker is so talented I haven’t listened this song in a while but then I found it again and it’s just so good song!! Alan Walker’s other songs are also good! I like the song’s message tho.

14. Rita Ora- Anywhere: I love this song so so mutch! It’s also good summer song… I like the lyrics too those are so good…

15. Avicii- Lonely Together ft Rita Ora: R.I.P Avicii:( he was so talented and her music is so good and I just love this song so mutch!  This beat is so good and Rita’s voice fits with it. I like the music video too.

16. Axwell Λ Ingrosso- More Than You Know: It’s so good ”summer song” too I noticed that I always say ”good beat” or something so now I don’t say anything… it’s just good song…

17. Camila Cabello- OMG ft Quavo: I love this song little more than ”Havana” :D. I listened Camila’s album and it’s kinda sad but it’s good, it’s really good. Camila is so talented young artist! Her voice is so cool. I always loved Camila even when she was in Fifth Harmony(Btw it’s still so sad that the girls won’t be anymore in the group) I made a blogpost about it. When you wanna read it, CLICK HERE.

18. Camila Cabello- Havana ft Young Thug: I was surprised when I found out that Camila doesn’t wrote that song :O. Starrah did! I love maybe all  her songs and she has fuckin’ good voice!!(I know she uses autotune but who the fuck cares??) She also has written hit songs example to Nicki Minaj, Rihanna Cashmere Cat, Drake, Halsey and other singers watch this video HERE. I do like ”OMG” more but this song is good too…

19. Fifth Harmony- Down ft Gucci Mane: I listened that one in last summer too and I like it but I think that Camila’s voice is missing… but anyway this is good song:)

20. Maroon 5-What Lovers Do ft SZA: I don’t usually listen Maroon 5 songs but this one is kinda good… and I love SZA! I listened her album ”Ctrl” and I liked that album SZA is good singer! She is also featured in Kendrick Lamar’s album ”Black Panther” I liked that album too!



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