Fifth Harmony FOREVER/What I think about it??

Today I found out that Fifth Harmony breaks up:(. I was so sad because Fifth Harmony is my only favorite ”girl”band(other girlbands sucks:D). Anyway I listened Fifth Harmony’s all 3 albums and now I’ll tell you which songs I like on each album


Näytä lähdekuva

So I didn’t liked this album so much… but my favorite songs were ‘Sledgehammer”, ”Worth It”, ”This is How We Roll”,”Going Nowhere””Like Mariah”, ”Body Rock”, ”Brave Honest Beautiful”(this song remind to me a very close human.)Btw at first I thought that this song is so sad but then I just loved this song… And on this album all beats and vocals are so good!♥♥. Meghan Trainor wrote that song and that’s so cool that she is also featured in this song:)

2. 7/27

Näytä lähdekuva

Btw that ”7/27” is a date when Fifth Harmony was created on ”The X Factor”(27th of June”). Absolutely I fuckin’ love all of these songs!!! Like the whole album is so great!! I’m in-love with this album! But I like some songs little bit more than others ”Work From Home”,(like everyone know that song this is such a hit!!) ”The Life”, ”All In My Head(Flex)”, ”Write On Me”, ”That’s My Girl” and other songs..

3. Fifth Harmony

Näytä lähdekuva

I liked all songs except for ”Lonely Night”. So I pretty mutch liked the most of the songs example ”Down”, ”Don’t Say You Love Me” (I just love this video! It’s so sweet…) ”Angel”, ”Messy”, ”Bridges” and all other songs… I love this album too but I think that Camila’s voice is missing… But luckily She is top Billboard charts and she is famous!! XX

So I liked ”7/27” the most and then I liked ”Fifth Harmony” and the last one is ”Reflection” but I love all of their albums!! All those songs are fuckin’ good!!


So as you all know Camila left in the group like in 2016 and I just loved her new music and album was also so great!! I just love the whole group but I’ve been always likeing more Camila because I love her voice and when i found out that she’s leaving I wasn’t happy I was sad… I didn’t undersand you guys who were happy about that and said ” Camila was s*** good she leaved” Like why?? Now in 2018 whole group breaks up and I found a video about what Camila thinks of it. I watched that video and I was surprised because she was happy about it she said something like that the group wasn’t same without her and she was important in this group. Maybe she was I don’t know I never wasn’t like that ”You all are shit and Camila is queen” No I just liked her more than others but I still love the whole group!!. Then I watched the video ”Why Camila Cabello left in the group” I didn’t knew what to think!! If it all was true then it’s so sad!!.

Today I watched two videos about ”The End of 5H”or something like that and I just loved the first one. Watch it HERE. The second one was  sad! I was so sad and I didn’t knew what to think!!. And when Camila were shaded By 5H I was like frustrated!! :(. Like why??¨Whats the video about it HERE and how Camila felt about it HERE.

I just love the band are those girls and I won’t stop listening 5H! But If they really didn’t get along and all those things are true then it’s so so sad!! I’ve never ever would believe that other girls would diss Camila:(. Example watch this video. But again I love the band FOREVER! All those songs where Camila is singing are so good! And the last album is great too but Camila would have been in this album too… but when she wasn’t happy or something then thank god she left and now hopefully she’s happy! :). I love her new album too and omg Camila is so cool! Example watch this video(L)


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