My first day at my workplace #LOL

Hi! So as you all know I’m working!! I don’t wanna tell you guys like specific information  and all that stuff but I say that I’m working at  someone’s farming company… so yesterday I had my first day at work and some clients can buy eggs too(that company produce chicken eggs). So like 2

grannys and one grandpa wanted to buy eggs so they searched like right eggs which were in eggsells. One granny touched them and complained like ”These aren’t big enough. We love big eggs!” Then she asked some cardboard thing so she can carry those eggs, she doesn’t wanted the sell. The worker told her like those are sold out then she continued ”No way I’ve seen those before. I take that 5€ back and I won’t buy éggs now”


angry hate GIF

Then suddenly she told me that she’ll take that cardboard thing with her and she’ll come back later and buy those eggs. We laughed:D then she said to me ”Did you understand, very well?” I said yes but wtf? I was little bit angry but all that situation was little bit funny too xD…

ricky gervais laughing GIF

So yeah my first day was  crazy… and I got to ride with  new tractor too. It was cool!

EDIT: That old lady never came back:D. And one other granny and grandpa were very friendly…



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