What we did today?/talkin’ about Eurovision Song Contest😍❤️

Hello everyone! Today I woke up at 10 and I ate a porridge with berries. It was so delicious!. Then I readed to my english test xD. Btw I listened Netta’s Eurovison contest song and at first I didn’t liked it but when I listened it like 4 times then I liked it😂.

Here is the song:


Btw I’ve watched my favorite songs first and second rehearsals and I just love ’em! I’ll blog about eurovison song contest😍.I’ve been downloaded the “Eurovision Song Contest App” and I just love it so so mutch and OMG 3 DAYS MORE THEN I CAN WATCH THE ” first Semi Final”❤️❤️

So when my mom came home from work then E. came to see us too and we all thinked that we should go outside because it was so warm and I just love spring💗💐☀️🌿! When we were outiside then we started walkin’ and we walked like 2h. It was sunny and I loved the weather! Btw I posted a pic on my facebook page too:). But I’ll add it here too because someone has complained that I’m not adding a pictures to my blog xD

btw I love this pic😍

I liked that E. was so funny she said all funny things to me and my mom:D(I’ve written a blogpost about what cool things E. has said and then I’ll post it but it’ll be “protected with password” sorry guys!

And E. and my mom picked folwers up and it’s so sweet:)

I just love saturdays so mutch❤️❤️! Then you can just chill and relax xD!

Okay now I’m starting to watch some Disney movie😍😍

PS: today is so specialto me ❤️❤️❤️


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