My top 5 favorite Disney movies😍

I know that everyone is loving Walt Disney movies and so am I! I just love Disney movies because they’re drawn so well and all stories are so good/sad/beautiful/…

I like two Walt Disney’s quotes:

Why worry? If you’ve done the very best you can, worrying won’t make it any better- Walt Disney

If you can dream it, you can do it– Walt Disney

I listed my 5 favorite disney movies so let’s begin! My first favorite Disney movie is:

  • Lion King- It’s just so cute and sad movie at the same if you haven’t seen this movie then plz check it out 🙂


  • Bambi- Bambi is so sad movie because Bambi is going to die at the end of this movie  but I just love how it’s drawn By Walt Disney.


  • Zootropolis- I just loove ”Zootropolis” because this movie showed that you can be so little and you can have a huge dreams and when you’re working hard and don’t give up then dreams really come true!. And this movie is funny too (:.

PS: You’re  never  gonna  guess who is this ”bad guy” 😀


  • Finding Dory-  I loved ”Finding Nemo” and I’m loving this movie too. At some point I was scared that Dory doesn’t find her parents ):

dorya etsimässä

  • Vaiana- I liked Vaiana(: that song and everything else was just so good together I enjoyed that movie when I watched it! This movie was just beautiful:)





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