What to do when you´re sad/ negative??

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Hi ROYALS! I’M BACK! Today I thinked what blogpost should write and I figured it out! So today I’ll write a blogpost about ”what to do when you’re sad/negative?” And I’ll give you some tips!

So when you’re sad then try to do these things:

  • listen good music
  • try to do things you love
  • talk to your mom
  • if you want then cry
  • watch comedian movies
  • do relaxing things!

And when you’re negative then do these things:

  • do yoga
  • meditate
  • change a negative vibe to good vibe
  • try to think positive thougths!
  • be fuckin positive
  • cleanse yourself with example sage(?)

Ofcourse you can do way more things but I just add these things to my list:)

Be sweet my loves!!


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