My morning routine on holidays…

So I have a holiday and I got an idea to make a blogpost about my morning routine on holidays :). Enjoy this blogpost:

  • I woke up at 9-12AM on holidays but I’ve tried to go bed early but it haven’t been always succesful 😀
  • Then I do Morning Yoga, I like watch ”Yoga With Adriene” videos!

Here is her my favorite morning yoga videos:



  • I’m going to eat when I’m done yoga. I usually eat a yogurt but sometimes I eat   cereals with milk too or a porridge.
  • When I have eaten I go and brush my teeth and clean my face with some products.
  • When I have to do homework then usually I do but usually I haven’t so then I just read a book,  watch some good movie or go to outside and suddenly I notice that o’clock is 11PM :D.

As you see I don’t do nothing special I just chilling all days 😀 That’s why I love holidays! When I have to go school then I woke up at 7AM and go to school at 8.15AM and I’m home at half four and I do my homework and at night I’m just so tired and watch just netlfix :D.




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