”Find the beauty in everyday!”

Good Morning! I scrolled my Pinterest feed and then I found a thoughtful picture:

IMG_4308[1]It is thoughtful because I started thinking about what is the beaty in my day? Example today… Will I find something beauty in today? And yes I did!

Example in Morning outside was so fuckin beautiful weather, sweet pictures, When I play with E., A good music, a books, yoga, meditation, good series. Okay those are things but those things  make me still happy and those things can be beautiful. And Ofcourse I forgot the most beautiful thing:  THE FAMILY! My Family is so important to me and I love my family so so mutch because we support eachother and stick together… Yes I know that  every family has  conflicts but family’s get throw it! And lately I’ve thinked that family is more imprtant than friends… not all my friends but mostly…

So people plz be happy about what you have and don’t be sad what you maybe want but you don’t have and don’t waste your energy to meaningless shit and focus on your family, positive things! And be THANKFUL!!

I add some good quotes too:

Don’t cry over the past, it’s gone. Don’t stress about future, it hasn’t arrived. Live in the present and make it beautiful.

I’ve tried to live like this!. Example I’ve been thinking a lot of ”Everything is now so fucking good. Enjoy it and don’t think about what happens tomorrow.” And sometimes when I’m a sad then I rememeber those good things and everything is so mutch better!

If you can’t  do anything about it then let it go. Don’t be a prisoner to things you can’t change

Focus on your goal. Don’t look in any direction but ahead.

You can’t calm the storm… so stop trying. What you can do is calm yourself. The storm will pass.

And I want that you will remember something: This how you think effects your life so mutch! When you’re negative then everything is going badly. When you’re positive then everything is going good. Kerli told some interview that when someone is mean to you that is because you do/ remind them something they don’t like and then someone is mean to you. And if you’re happy then you’re searching in others positive things. If not then you’re point out others imperfections!. And She told that too when someone is mean to you then don’t be sad… don’t think about them and let karma deal with ‘Em.

Yes I know that life isn’t always perfect! Example I had hard time too, everything wasn’t right and I wasn’t happy and all that shit and all that scoolstuff too… ughh that wasn’t easy! Because when you have struggles and you have to do all schoolstuff, it wasn’t easy to get good grades but I did that! And I’m proud! Also I  had so mutch stress inside me. But when I finally did yoga,  meditated and cleaned myself* Then I felt that everything is right. And Kerli has told that everyone’s life isn’t perfect, everyone struggle with something. I like that when is Holiday I have so mutch more time to focus on my mental health because when I come to school I always study( in some way I like it) but then I don’t have so mutch time to meditate! Guys mental health ís important! And if you’re stuggeling then do yoga, meditate, buy some crystals! All those things WILLhelp you!

And I believe in that everything which is happening to you must happen! NOTHING happens without reason!

People don’t hate those who hurted you, because Karma will catch ‘Em And love is so important!!

I’m so thankful that my family supports me! Really when you have issues then talk to your mom and she will help you! I know that! :).

Omg I started that post with things which are beautiful and ended with give you guys so mutch advices! And when I talked all that stress thing then I believe that happsens to me  because people around me were so negative! and I remember now the saying called ” Show Me Your Friends, I’ll Tell You Who You Are”


Also today E. came to visit me and we played, watched netflix and did all cool stuff! I love that she is so grown-up* and she is so smart! I love my 2 nieces and nephew!

It’s so chool to play with children and they’re all so smart and chool kids! I’m so lucky uncle!

But I think now that’s enough! because o’clock is already 12 PM and I have go to sleep:D

But I hope that this blogpost will help you!

Goodnight my loves!


Cleaned myself*= I took a plant ”Sage” and cleaned myself with its smoke…

PS: Sorry If my english is terrible!!


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