My perfect Saturday!

Kas ma olen teile rääkinud, kui palju ma armastan laupäevi? Kui ei ole siis ma arvan, et laupäevad on nagu parimad päevad üldse!! ja tänane on nagu perfektne laupäev, sest

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Hi everyone! I wanted to tell you guys that today is 1st of September!! And this means that I have a BIRTHDAY after 23 days!! I’m turning a 17 so I thought I’m planning a special blog post to you guys!! And I hope that you’ll like it! But yeah btw today I went to see my sister’s dog because her family is in Helsinki and I took so beautiful pic!

And I understood that the autumn is already here! Because outside is raining and a fog and all that autumn shit:D

I’m so excited!!!


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Käisin Loimal/Blogi jutte…

Kuna mul oon nii palju ideid millest kirjutada siis mõtlesin, et kirjutan sellest mida ma tegin üle-eelmine reede:D(mul oli plaan sellest postitus kirjutada, aga ma olin siis nii väsinud ja ma ei viitsinud…)

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Once Upon A Time

Today I wanna talk about my favorite series “Once Upon A Time”♥ I remember when my friend recommended to watch it I was like naah Idk it’s sounding like lame, but now when I’m watching it I ****** LOVE THIS SERIES! I’m almost in 6th season:D Like it’ll prove you that good always will win the bad and hope is everything!

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Hi! I think everyone are sometimes sad… and I know what helps when you’re feeling that way! The answer is MUSIC!. I started search cool songs which makes me happy, like if this song has a good beat or good lyrics then I  definitely love it!


My own top 5 books which I wanna read…

Hi! I wrote a blog post about my 5 books which I have read and now I wanna write a post about my top 5 books which I haven’t read/ haven’t read the books to the end  :D. So I selected 5 books that I think I would like to read:).

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